Morinaga Heiko+ Water

Morinaga Heiko+ Water is one of the innovations from Morinaga Research Center Japan that experienced at supporting families for more than 100 years in the world. Morinaga Heiko+ Water is your preferred water for the loved ones to dissolve children's food (milk, porridge, biscuits, and powdered drinks).

Mineral-free water for dissolving your child's milk and food

Morinaga Heiko+ Water

    With UHT process, 60 seconds heating at 141 + 2°C and sterile Aseptic filling to ensure free of germs (Bacteria, Virus, Parasites, Fungi).

  • Does not affect the mineral amount of foods that are processed with water, for example to dissolve milk powder, baby porridge & biscuits, powdered drinks and others.

    • Uses 8 Process Stages Technology, so they are free from harmful chemicals (free from toxic chemicals)
    • Meet the quality standards of Indonesia FDA, SNI (Indonesia National Standard) and Halal certificates.

    And safe packaging:

    • Free of BP-A (Bisphenol A) which is dangerous for health.
    • Sealed to guarantee its hygiene and authenticity.

Varian Rasa Morinaga Heiko+ Water

Morinaga Heiko+ Water

Morinaga Heiko+ Water

Mineral free water, an innovation from Morinaga Research Center Japan.

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