Tips to Keep the Health of Your Little One at School

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 August 2017

As parents, surely you always try to keep the health of your little one. However, germs are everywhere, including at school. Transmission of diseases may occur through various situations such as when your little one touches the door handle, doing activities on his/her desk, or contact to other objects previously used by ill individuals. Children are prone to contracting germs due to lack of health and hygiene awareness.

One most effective way to protect the health of your little one is by handwashing. You have to remind your little one to wash hands using a soap every time before eating, after toilet time, after sneezing, etc. The right way to perform handwashing is to rub hands for about 20 seconds. This would make sure the germs washed away effectively.  

Apart from handwashing, there are some other ways to keep the health of your little one. Carefully read the tips below.

Do not share drinking bottle or other personal utensils

Disease can be transmitted through various ways. One of which is by sharing drinks or food within the same container. You have to remind your little one to use his own drinking bottle.

Supply your little one with home-made food

Children have tendency to buy snacks. This habit may give negative effects to their health. To prevent them from random snacking, it is better to supply your little one with home-made food. Make sure the menu is nutritious and balanced, for example vegetables and milk to support his/her growth. Vary the menu so that he/she is not easily bored.

Use hand sanitizer

Provide your little one with hand sanitizer that can be kept on his desk or bag. Remind him/her to use that stuff before eating, after using shared objects at school, as well as after toilet time.

Cover the mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing

Provide tissues in your little one’s bag. Remind him to sneeze or cough using the tissue and to throw it in trash bin. Afterwards, do not forget to wash hands or use the hand sanitizer. If there is no tissue, teach your little one to divert the face towards shoulder while coughing or sneezing.

Parents are supposed to focus on the health of their children. Try to maintain the health of your little one by supplying them with nutritious food, making sure they has enough rest, and perform vaccination on schedule.

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