Smart tips to overcome the little one sweets consumption

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Almost all children love sweets like chocolate, and cakes. Beside the delicious taste it gives, sweets trigger body to release two similar hormones that make us happy and pleasant, endorphins and serotonin. It makes sense why the little one loves it, right Moms?

Consuming sweets is not a wrong thing. But, we have to consider the sugar intake per-day for the little one. Based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, recommended measurement for the little one sugar intake that below three years old is between 1-5 teaspoons per-day. Meanwhile, for the little one over three years old is more or less between 5-8 teaspoons per-day. What are the worse impact for consuming sweet food and drink too much?

Consuming sweet food and drink could make the little one refuse to eat other food.  This is also could cause obesity and trigger diseases like type 2 diabetes mellitus and tooth cavities. So, what could Moms and Dads do to overcome the little one sweet food and drink intake? Check this out.

Always prepared fruits at home

If the little one likes sweet foods, point it to other healthy sweet food like fruits. Moms could also give fruits that already been cut into slices or make fruit smoothies for them. Fibers and nutrition in fruits will give the positive effect for the little one’s body.

Become a role model for the little one

Dads and Moms could give example to reducing sweet food consumption at home. Try to cook more. Moms could bake a cake together with the little one. Choose the healthy ingredients like almond milk and honey. It’s for sure much better than giving the little one packaged sweet food snack.

Careful for choosing snacks

The little one still can consume packaged snack, but Moms must be careful and read the nutrition facts first. Moms could give the alternative healthy snack like Morinaga Chil*Go! It’s a sterile liquid milk and delicious also nutritious. Morinaga Chil*Go! contains supporting nutrition that support multi talented intelligence that is colin, inositol, and vitamin B complex, also double body defense and healthy digestive system like 1700 mg inulin fiber. The flavors definitely the little one’s favorite like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, and honeydew. Morinaga Chil*Go! Is really suitable for healthy snack when the little one is at school or doing outdoor activities.

Though is impossible to say no to the little one for them to consuming sweet food and drink, Moms still could lead them to better and healthy choice. Nutrition intake that the little one get will determine their body growth and development and also their health in the future. So, let’s make the little one get used to a healthy diet.

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