Educative Attraction Place around Jakarta

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When we ask about what is favourite activity that our children love, the answer is playing. Their world is all about playing. Are there other activities for the children that contain science in it? Sure, there are. We just have to choose the right activities and places for the children.

What are the requirements for the activities and the places that could support the children’s growth and development? Check the answers below.

  • Develop the children’s ability
  • Sharpen the children’s in social and language skills
  • Trigger their creativities

Around Jakarta, where could we found places beside our home that provide educative playground?

Let’s check this out

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Moms must be familiar with this tourism place. TMII offers many kinds of educative entertainment in the East of Jakarta. In one place, Moms can take the children to visit some of the museums, miniature of Indonesia traditional houses, and watch the theater show.

Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory

One of the milestones in Indonesia Science and Technology in Astronomy is a must place to go for educative activity. Moms could take the children to see the shows about galaxy and exhibition about astronomy in Exhibition Hall. 

Scientia Square Park

A little further from outside of Jakarta, we could found Scientia SquarePark. A spacious park in Gading Serpong where the children could do wall climbing, bike trail, and in-line skates. The children also could see and identify many species of butterflies in The Metamorphosis of Butterfly Park.


Located inside a mall, Kidzania offers educational activities for the children. Design similar to town for the children, Kidzania is arena based on profession. The children could learn and  practice at once according to the profession that they are interested in. Exciting, right?

Beside stimulating with a variety of activities that have educational features, providing good nutrition that support their growth and development is a must for the children’s intelligence.

Important nutrients that support the children multi talented intelligence are Choline, Iron, Iodine, and Vitamin B complex. Not only that, the children also need nutrition that support their double body defense and digestive system which are 1700 mg Inulin Food fiber, Calcium, Vitamin A, C, E and Inositol.

All that kind of nutrition can be obtained by consuming delicious and full of nutritions Morinaga Chil*Go!. Liquid Milk to support growth packed in practical and hygienic packaging which easily brought for healthy meal. Morinaga Chil*Go! have five variants of flavour, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, and honeydew.

Synergy of nutritional intake to support children’s intelligence and stimulation will bolster up children growth and development to optimal. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s make a plan for this weekend.

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