Sundries about Ice Cream, favorite snack for The Little one

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We can’t deny that ice cream sits as a top number one favorite snack for the little one. The sweet and creamy taste that ice cream gave make children really love it. But, a lot of Moms forbid the little one to consume it because of lack of nutrition and could lead to make the little one has a cough and cold. Is it true that there is no benefit for eating ice cream?

For the little one age up to 1 year old, ice cream that is made from cow's milk, fat, and sugar is safe to consume. Ice cream is rich in calcium which is  good for the little one bone growth. Ice cream with fruit slices in it will stimulate their sense of taste. Not only that, ice cream also contains vitamin that is good for our body like vitamin A, D and B12.

Pay attention to this matter

Ice cream should be introduced to the little one when they have reached the age of one year old when their digestive system already strong. Beside that, introducing the sweet ice cream taste too early for the little one could make them addicted to sugar. This could affect the little one become picky and just craving for sweets. Consuming too much sweets could increase the risk for the little one to have cavities.

Ice cream has high calories, set a limit for giving the little one ice cream like 1-2 times a week to prevent the risk of obesity. And also, avoid giving the little one ice cream before meal time so they’re not full when the mealtime comes.

Tips for giving ice cream to the little one

If the little one doesn’t have a cow milk allergy, then Moms could give them ice cream when the little one has reached one year old. Here are tips for giving the little one ice cream.

Keep clean

Make sure the ice cream that Moms give is the best quality and keep it on hygiene storage. It will reduce the risk of digestive infection for the little one.

Read the composition label

Generally in packaged food there is hidden sugar or salt. So, Moms should make sure read the nutrition facts first. Also pay attention to other ingredients. Make sure all the ingredients are safe and not triggers the little one’s food allergy.

Give alternative snacks

Moms could make creative healthy snacks for the little one, for example fruit smoothies, pudding, or yogurt. Fruit slices and milk also could become a healthy snacks. There is a simple way to support the little one’s outdoor activity, giving them a healthy snack, for instance packaged liquid milk like  Morinaga Chil*Go!

Morinaga Chil*Go! is growth liquid milk with five variant flavors, that is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, and honeydew, which nutritious and delicious for supporting multitalented intelligence  which is colin, iron, iodium, and vitamin D also supporting nutrition for the little one double body defense and healthy digestive system because of 1700 mg inulin, calcium, vitamin A, C, E also inositol. Not less important, Morinaga Chil*Go! do not use preservative and through sterile manufacturing process using modern technology so it makes Morinaga Chil*Go! safe to consume.

No need to forbid the little one for not eating ice cream. Moms just need to pay attention to tips that already mentioned before so Moms could estimate give ice cream according to the little one condition. Enjoy eating ice cream with the little one, Moms!

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