Easy ways to teach the little one how to swim

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Routine to exercise is one of the key to live a healthy life. Swimming is one of the exercises that can be done by all ages include the little one. Moreover, swimming is a life skill that will be needed in our daily life. Swimming could take care of our respiratory system, heart and also keep our body weight ideal.

According to The Global Report on Drowning in 2014 by World Health Organization (WHO), age is a main factor of drowning case. In 48 countries that include in statistical data, drowning is one of the five leading causes of death in a group of 1-14 years old. Study that was conducted in The Royal Life Saving National Drowning Australia in 2015 shows that the little one below 5 years old is a group of children that have the highest risk to drown. Therefore, the little one has to be taught how to swim properly.

Moms also have to be careful how to teach the little one to be able to swim. Let’s check out the tips below.

Never force the little one

Try to introduce them slowly and gradually about swimming.  If the little one seems afraid, don’t force them to splash into the water. Instead of learning, the little one may have trauma to swim.

Create a comfortable atmosphere

Make sure that the pool that Moms used for train was in a clean and in good maintenance. The exact temperature for learning how to swim is about 28 to 30 Celcius. When go inside the pool for the first time, avoid jumping while carrying the little one. The best way is using stairs and dip inside slowly, this is intended so the little one is not afraid to dip into the water.

Using experience instructor

The little one doesn’t have to learn how to swim from Dads and Moms. If Moms feel not compatible to teach them, just put the little one to trusted swimming studios that have experienced instructor.

Support their learning with the right nutrition

The little one will need a variety of nutrition to support their new activity outside the house. Morinaga Chil*Go! Sterile liquid milk that delicious and nutritious already completed by all suitable nutrition for the little one. Morinaga Chil*Go! Contain Brain Care nutrition like colin, iron, inositol and body defense which is inulin fiber, calcium, vitamin A, C, and E. Both of them is an exact nutrition which can support the little one Multitalented Intelligence that can enhance their comprehension and memory when learning and double body defense so the little one not easily get sick and also a maximum absorption of nutrition that increases their appetite. This delicious and nutritious sterile liquid milk comes with five flavors, that is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, and honeydew. Simple to bring by the little one as a healthy snack  for outside activity.

So, Moms. No need to doubt to teach the little one how to swim. Just apply the tips above when teach the little one how to swim. Good Luck!

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