Improve The Little One’s Intelligence With The Right Parenting Style

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 March 2017

Improve The Little One’s Intelligence With The Right Parenting Style

The first five years of life are the period in which the Little One needs the support of Daddy and Mommy. The reason is, what happens during the golden period will affect the development of his/her brain for life. No kidding, right, Mother? Parents are the important key to an optimal growth and development of the Little One.

Therefore, parenting style for the Little One should not escape from the parents’ attention because it is a process of interaction between Daddy and Mommy with the Little One which is done early on. The interaction includes many things, among others, to meet the nutritional needs and provide stimulation for the development of his/her capabilities. This interaction is the foundation of the development of Multiple intelligences.

According to Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, there are 9 multiple intelligences possessed by each individual namely linguistic intelligence, logical mathematical, musical, kinesthetic, visual spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, and moral. The ninth of this intelligence if properly honed from an early age will be able to reach the maximum potential.

Here are the main principles in raising the Little One that Mommy can apply at home for optimal growth and development process:

Provide complete and balanced nutrition

Give exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding (MPASI), to adult foods. Do it gradually according to the age and ability. Not only that, pay attention to the composition of nutrients that Mommy provides. The Little One has to get a complete and balanced nutrition for a smooth growth and development process. Mommy can provide additional nutrients that contain choline, alpha lactalbumin, omega-3, omega-6, and iron that will support brain function and the development of the nervous system.

Choline is known as a substance that can help the development of memory. While alpha-lactalbumin will ensure the amount of amino acids needed during the growth period is fulfilled. The reason is, amino acids play an important role in brain development.

Increase your Daddy-Mommy contact with the Little One

The best learning tool for the Little One which can not be replaced by certain technology or TV shows is direct contact with Daddy and Mommy. The direct interaction that occurs with the Little One will provide the stimulation that he/she needs the most because of the emotional attachment that is meaningful to him/her.

Activities like taking the Little One to talk since he/she is a baby, smiling at him/her, reading out stories, are examples of how Mommy can stimulate him/her in a simple way.

Give a smart game

It is undeniable that playing is the main activity of the Little One. By playing, he/she can also learn and develop his/her intelligence. When giving toys for the Little One, adjust them to the stage of his/her age. Choose a variety of games that trigger his/her curiosity.

To be more effective, firstly identify the type of multiple intelligences of the Little One so that the game can be more directed. Mommy can use the facility of identifying multiple intelligences on the Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan website . After knowing the results, Mommy then can find creative ideas about what games to do with the Little One.

Complete the immunization

The Little One who receives a complete immunization according to his/her age, tends to have higher cognitive and physical abilities than those who do not receive immunizations. The reason is, the Little One who received immunization is at lower risk of suffering from certain diseases so that the growth is more optimal compared with the un-immunized.

The Intelligence of the Little One is mostly influenced by environmental factors and parenting style that he/she received. Therefore, Mommy must be able to meet the nutritional needs and stimulation that he/she needs for an optimum growth and development.

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