5 Easy Ways to Comfort Your Little One's Fluffy Nose

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19 Februari 2019

The immature immune system of the Little One makes her/him susceptible to various diseases, including colds. Then how to handle it when your Little One caught a cold?

Common cold is characterized by the production of clear colored shortcoming out of the nose. This nasal mucus can change color to yellowish or greenish after one week. A common cold can be accompanied by other symptoms such as cough and fever. Usually, when having cold, your Little One still wants to have normal activity.

But, a cold can trigger a clogged and stuffy nose. Surely this has the potential to make the Little One to be fussy and does not want to breastfeed/bottle-feed. This happens because a nasal congestion will force your Little One to breathe through the mouth. This certainly troubles him when having to eat and drink.

Over time, stuffy nose will disappear by itself. But when that happens, Mommy should help your Little One to clean the nasal passages. Follow these easy ways:

Give nose drops

  • Mommy can buy nasal sprays which contain specially formulated saline solutions.
  • Hold your Little One in an upright position, giving two or three drops of medicine to each nostril.
  • Lay your Little One for a minute with the head lower than the body. This will help the saline solution to dilute the thickened snot.
  • When the snot is diluted, Mommy can suck the snot with a nose aspirator. Avoid inserting the nasal aspirator too deeply. Do it 2 or 3 times into each nostril or as often as the Little One needs.
  • Clean the tip of the nasal spray after each use.

Dilute the mucus with warm water vapor

Water vapor can open clogged breathing passages and help to dilute and drain the snot out. One way to give warm steam to the Little One is by taking him to the bathroom, opening the hot water tap, then close the bathroom door for a few minutes.

Use a vaporizer or humidifier

Put a vaporizer or humidifier in the Little One’s Room to add moisture to the room. This can help thin the mucus. Clean the tool regularly to prevent mold growth.

Tap on the back of your Little One

This movement is quite effective in facilitating the Little One to spill mucus in the respiratory tract.

Sunlight in the morning

Dilute the mucus by bringing the Little One to bask in the morning sunlight.

If the symptom of nasal congestion is accompanied by fever, rash appearing throughout the body, not healed within 2 weeks, our Little One looks difficult to breastfeed/bottle-feed, and increasingly fussy, you should immediately take your Little One to a doctor. Take a good care of your Little Ones health by fulfilling his/her needs for appropriate nutrition. Mommy can give him/her lactoferrin-containing-nutrition which gives benefit in strengthening your Little One’s immune system so your Little One won’t get sick easily.

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