4 Safe Tips weight loss for overweight child

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

4 Safe Tips weight loss for overweight child

did Mom knows if child with overweight doesn’t mean he/she is having a good health. Even though it looks cute and adorable, overweight in babies could increase the risks of some illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure when they grown up.

A data from World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016 said that children below 5 years old who are overweight reached more that 41 millions children all over the world. In fact, half of that number are from Asian countries, Indonesia no exception. Well, that’s why it will be better if Mom monitoring the little one’s ideal body weight. Here’s below child body weight table from Indonesia Ministry of Health that Mom can use for reference:




1 Year

7,7 – 12 kg

7 – 11,5 kg

2 Years

9,7 – 15,3 kg

9 – 14,8 kg

3 Years

11,3 – 18,3 kg

10,8 – 18,1 kg

4 Years

12,7 – 21,2 kg

12,3 – 21,5 kg

5 Years

14,1 – 24,2 kg

13,7 – 24,9 kg

If the little one body weight surpass from the normal range, it’s best for Mom to re-evaluate the little one dietary habit. This will facilitate and help Mom to achieve the little one ideal body weight, try these 4 safe tips below to lose some little one body weight:

  1. Limit the consumption sugar-containing foods and drinks
    One of the little one favorite foods and drinks usually is sweet snacks which often contain with artificial sweeteners. Excess sugar level becomes one of the factors the increasing of little one’s body weight. Try to limit the little one sweet snacks and replace it with fruits or mineral water that much more healthy.

  2. Avoid Trans Fat and High Calories Foods
    Besides sweets, the little one also have to reduce fast food consumption that high in trans fat and calories. Also reduce serving fried foods for the little one.

  3. Make a meal time schedule and set the portion
    The accuracy of meal time affect the time of food digestion in body. That is why, when the little one meal time is messy, his/her digestive system and metabolism will also messed up. In addition,if the little portion is uncontrollable, it will cause unwanted fat at the little tummy.

  4. Get the little one used to do physical activities
    Rather than giving the little one playing with gadgets or let he/she watching tv too long, Dad and Mom could take the little to the park for playing soccer, cycling, and others. If you don’t have much time, at least do a simple game like playing hide and seek indirectly will burn the calories and make the little one sweating.

While demonstrating that 4 tips above, don’t forget to serve healthy foods and nutritious foods. In the growth stage, the little one at least need nutrition intake such as carbohydrate (red rice, wheat bread, or cereal), animal and plant protein (meat,fish, nuts), vegetables and fruit, milk and processed milk, also fibers to avoid constipation for little one.

Hope to be useful for the little one to lose weight, Mom!

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