4 Effective Ways To Manage A Stuffy Nose And A Sore Throat

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 February 2017

When the nose is congested and the throat is sore, activities will be disrupted. Whatever the cause-allergies, stuffy-nose, or cold-those two things will make the Little One to be cranky and uncomfortable. When the Little One begins to show the two symptoms, Mommy would want to immediately take him/her to see a doctor. However, it turns out there are some easy steps that can be done first to alleviate the discomfort that the Little One feels. Here are the explanations:

Water and Other Liquids

Who would have thought that one solution to overcome a sore throat is to consume enough warm water. The mucus in the small airway will be diluted by the warm water. Mommy can also give the Little One, other fluids such as warm juice, broth, or decaffeinated tea, such as chamomile or peppermint. Another alternative is chicken soup that turns out to be anti-inflammatory liquid and can thin the mucus.

Salt Water and Saline Sprays

Salt water and saline sprays can help remove mucus and relieve the pain associated with sore throat. Mommy can buy saline spray at the nearest pharmacy, or, Mommy can make a salt solution to rinse the mouth at home, by mixing half a teaspoon of salt with water.


Inhalation of the vapors can help reduce sore throat. Mommy can prepare a medium-sized tub that has been filled with hot water. Use a towel to cover your Little One’s head as he/she puts his/her face on the steam. Please do remember to continue to accompany the Little One during the process to keep the water from spilling and injuring him/her.


Decongestant medicine can be an alternative to home remedies. Limit the use of this medicine for three days only because the body of the Little One be dependent to the medicine. Moreover, the condition of the throat may worsen after the drug is stopped being consumed. Most antihistamines are also safe for the Little One and can help reduce the amount of mucus production. However, keep an eye on his/her wellbeing because antihistamines can cause drowsiness and headaches.

If symptoms persist for more than three days, take the Little One to a pediatrician for further treatment. Support the health of the Little One by making sure that the nutritional needs are met. Mommy can provide additional nutrients that contain lactoferrin and nucleotides, functioning in increasing antibodies to fight infections, as well as probiotics and prebiotics that are beneficial in maintaining the health of the gastrointestinaI tract. So, not only the intake of nutrients is well-preserved, the body of the Little One also gets dual protection.

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