Growth & Development

The Main Key to Children’s Optimum Development

Morinaga Platinum - 25 January 2019

A proper children’s growing process can be seen from the changes in their body size and shape, such as increase in height and weight, while the development can be seen through the development of their mental, emotional, psychosocial, and so on. The process of children’s development will not be optimum if not supported by the environment, including the parents.

Parents are responsible in guiding and equipping the children with good things that can optimize their development. Here are the things that should be considered by parents to support the children’s development.


A good development begins with good nutrition. Provide your babies with breast milk exclusively until they reach the age of 6 months. After that Moms could provide solid weaning food while continuing to breastfeed until they reach the age of 2.

When the children’s nutritional needs are well fulfilled, their physical growth, brain and intelligence development will be optimal. Foods and beverages that contain complete and balanced nutrients will also provide energy for the children who are actively playing, learning and exploring the surroundings. Keep in mind, healthy eating habit should be instilled in your children early on.


Embed the noble values in your children early on. Teach them respect, responsibility, integrity, caring, sharing, and other noble values. Moms could ask the children to engage in social community events. This will teach them about caring and sharing. As the technology era keeps growing along with the internet facility, parents now are facing a greater challenge in educating their children. Make sure that the noble values instilled in the children’s mind are followed by giving examples in daily life so they get used to practice it as well.


A good communication between parents and children will create a harmonious relationship as well. In addition to that, communication is a way to express parents’ affections towards the children. Through an effective communication, children will feel safe, comfortable and loved.

In his book titled The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman reveals five love languages that can also be applied into the Moms-children relationship in order to optimize the children’s development. Check out the five love languages below:

Loving Words. Gently say to your children that you love them or other words that can be soothing to them. Sincerely compliment them every time they do positive things, but remember to not too exaggerate with your words. If they make mistakes, don’t scold them right away. Tell them what they did wrong and what to do to fix the mistakes.

Show Them with Actions. Show your children that you love and care about them. For example, by fixing the broken doll house or assembling the newly purchased toy together.

Give Them Your Time. Remember, Moms, no matter how busy you are with work and daily activities, make sure that you spare and spend quality time together with your children.

Give Them Presents. There is no a fix rule in giving presents. Moms could give the children presents as an expression of appreciation and affection to them. For example, when they have successfully reached a certain target in their study.

Touch of Love. Do not hesitate to hug, kiss and gently stroke their head or back. This is not only to provide them with mental support, but also to make them feel loved and cared for.

In order for the children’s growth and development process to run optimally, they need nutrition and positive stimulation from the surroundings, especially from the parents. Make sure that your children get everything they need for them to grow into healthy, strong, and independent individuals.