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Overcoming Children's Tantrums

Morinaga Platinum - 25 January 2019

One of the inevitable situations when having children is to confront them when they are having tantrums. The situation that may be the most often experienced is when the children are upset if their wishes aren’t fulfilled, such as asking to buy toys when going to the mall. They express the angriness by crying to rolling on the floor.

Tantrums are usually occur when the children are tired, hungry, uncomfortable, or having unfulfilled wishes. Dealing with disappointment and frustration is an attitude that should learn, step by step.

Tantrums are commonly occurred with children aged one to four years old, where during this age range, the children’s language skill begins to develop. However, they still have limitations in communicating and conveying their wishes to Moms and Dads. They are frustrated for having difficulties in expressing their intention, not to mention that Moms and Dads don’t understand them or not grant their wishes, the frustration bursts into tantrums.

The tantrums can vary from crying, shouting, hitting, excessive body movements, throwing things, to rolling on the floor. These tantrums can still be considered normal if happen infrequently. However, if the children are often throwing tantrums – even it becomes a habit – Moms and Dads should find out the cause in order to stop this bad habit.

Causes of Tantrums

There are quite number causes of tantrums, among them are fatigue, hunger, or they purely want to express their wishes but have a limitation to communicate. However, there are some children who are easier to throw tantrums like hyperactive children, moody, or difficult to adapt to the environment.

Stopping Tantrums

The first thing that you should do is to calm down. Moms and Dads should not get carried away emotionally by scolding the children, let alone hitting them. Talk to them calmly but clearly that their attitude is wrong. Explain to them why you don’t grant their wishes, tell them that what you do is for the sake of their own good.

If they keep throwing tantrums, do not follow what they want – even it means that you should drag them away from the shop in such circumstances. If Moms and Dads don’t grant their wishes, they will learn that tantrums are failed, so they will not do it again.

Even though you don’t follow what they want, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about them. Embrace and tell them that you did it because you care and want the best for them.

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