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Increase Children’s Reading Interest by Doing These Ways

Morinaga Platinum - 19 July 2023

Book is a window to the world. By reading, children can refresh their mind and studying at the same time. Do you know that children who are fluent in reading by the third grade of elementary school have 4 times higher chances to graduate on time from high school (18 or 19 years old) and have a better career compared to those who can’t read fluently. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announces policies and recommendations for parents to read stories to the children every day, start since they were born.

Check out the following tips introduced by AAP to increase children’s reading interest since early:

  • Include reading activities with the children as part of the bedtime routine. Read them stories even for just a few minutes. This is the best way for Moms to have a quality time together with the children and make them easier to sleep as well.
  • The reading activity should be fun. There is no need to finish a story if the children look bored already, it can be continued at other time.
  • Let the children choose the book they want to read, even if it means that Moms must be ready to read the same book for several times. Because, it is from the repetition that children learn and can understand the whole story.
  • If the children have been able to speak, ask them to ‘read’ the story from their favorite book that they have memorized because of the repetition.
  • While reading a story, Moms could pause for a moment and ask the children what picture will appear in the book or what will happen next. Their answer will surprise you.
  • Be creative. Read a variety of children’s book, such as fairy tales or children’s poetry. Do not stick to one type of book only.
  • Follow the children’s choice in selecting books. Nonfiction books such as animal world or nature can also be an option.
  • Talk to the children about things they see at home, in store or on the streets.
  • Sing and live up the story through a role play with your child.
  • Encourage the children to go to the library to know more books and learn love them.

Do 5R during the children’s daily activities, right after they were born:

  • Read – Try to read books together every day. Make reading as a fun family activity.
  • Rhyme – While playing, as often as possible Moms should sing or read poetry or talk.
  • Routines – Create the same routine every day for eating, playing and sleeping so children know what to do and what you expect from them.
  • Rewards – Give “present” for every effort that the children do. Praises from their closest people are very valuable for them.
  • Relationships – Develop a loving and purposeful relationship, this is the foundation of the children’s brain and physical development.

Let’s increase the children’s interest in reading since early so they grow smart and broadminded.

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