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Develop Your Children’s Potency Early

Morinaga Platinum - 25 January 2019

Children can be whatever they want. It is Moms and Dads duty to parents to guide them and recognize their potency so they can grow smart and excellent.

At toddler age, children will show their personality and character more clearly. They also begin to learn how to depend on themselves and in the process of building their confidence. They will also interact more with their peers. They will learn many things from the social interaction, for example, how to share with friends, take turns when using something, to how to treat others.

Not only that, their relationship with Moms and Dads will develop to a new stage. Children begin to show concern towards Moms and Dads, begin to understand that you also have your own wishes, feelings, and needs. They also begin to show their affection to Moms and Dads.

Here are tips that Moms and Dads could do to nurture your children’s character.

Every Child is Unique

Every individual is unique. You don’t believe it? No individual that has exactly the same personality and character, even identical twins. Let the children be themselves. Do not force them to be like other people or compare them with other individuals. They must have their own unique and different sides, these are the two things that Moms and Dads should recognize, discover, and develop.

Playing is Learning

The most effective way for children to learn is by playing. Playing has an important role in children’s physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development. Playing teaches the children how to work in groups, resolve conflicts, improve imagination, make decisions, and try different roles. By playing, children learn how to be independent, to be creative, to be a leader, and to explore.

Don’t Label Them

Without knowing, we often give the children a nickname, such as “Fatty” or “Grumpy”. Nickname or labeling can forcibly shape their character, when they actually can grow better if they don’t get a certain label. So, you better avoid labeling your children, Moms.

Be Their Role Model, not Lecturer

Who else is the children’s role model if not Moms and Dads? Give them examples of good values that they can look up to. Avoid lecturing them and shaping them to be whom you want. Let them explore but remain accountable.

Parenting is the key to shape the children’s character. Therefore, parents play the most important role regarding this. Recognize, discover, and nurture your children’s character so they grow smart and excellent.